Leadership, Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence

By Annette Temmhoff Leaders that are self-aware are more effective managers as they recognise that they possess particular strengths and areas for improvement. Gardener (1983) indicates there are seven areas of intelligence: Logical-mathematical: the ability to think...

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Organisational Change

By Annette Temmhoff Organisational change is a continuous, dynamic and contextual process aimed at increasing organisational effectiveness.  It can involve strategy, structure, technology, processes and people. Change can range from small transitional changes, which...

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The Impact of Organisational Culture on Change

By Annette Temmh​off​ Organisational culture has been described as a shared set of values and beliefs within an organisation - the norms that guide working behaviour and performance1. It impacts the way in which change is managed within an organisation. Whilst there...

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